, 26.05. - Monday, 29.05.2023
Manjushri Retreat with Drubpon Palkyi

For those who wish to take part in a Yamanataka Drubchen, the practice of all sessions is compulsory. 

Manjushri is one of eight Bodhisattvas, representing the Buddhas enlightened qualities. In his orange form, Manjushri represents the wisdom and knowledge of all Buddhas of the ten directions and three times. With his wisdom sword he cuts the root of all suffering and his blazing light dispels the darkness of confusion. Orange Manjushri, as the "King of Harmonious Speech", like a thunderclap, awakens those who are sleeping in ignorance and loosens the chains of karma through the sixty branches of harmonious speech. 

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Retreat schedule soon.

Subject to change!

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