Pujas (formal prayer ceremonies) can be offered to the Buddhas of the three times to ask for their blessings and seek their help. By asking for blessings in this way, we turn away the negative, cleanse obstacles, help change unfavorable circumstances, and accumulate immense merit.

Pujas are also performed to offer prayers and offerings to enlightened beings, local deities, and other beings who hinder the environment, to help calm them down and thereby purify obstacles, obtain favorable conditions, and improve the environment. Pujas can also be prayed for oneself, a loved one, friends and all sentient beings.

What Are Pujas?
Pujas are prayer rituals which involve visualization, mantra recitation and offerings to enlightened beings (Buddhas & Bodhisattvas). They are performed to receive the blessings of these enlightened beings, to accumulate merit, and to dispel obstacles and negative circumstances for oneself and others.

Why Request a Puja?
In traditional Buddhist cultures, lay people ask members of the monastic community to perform pujas for them in order to increase positive circumstances and success in their spiritual and worldly affairs, as well as to deal with or avert problems which may occur in those areas.
The monastic community’s many years of profound practice experience lends great blessings and power to the puja. This mutually supportive relationship between the lay and monastic communities generates a vast, resonant field of bodhicitta, which will benefit all beings.

How Does a Puja “Work”?
Pujas can be sponsored to benefit oneself or another, for the living or for the dead. Each puja is centered around a specific Buddha, whose activity is especially suited to fulfill certain functions – such as protection, removing obstacles, pacifying illness, or helping the deceased.
Pujas sponsored at the Drikung Garchen Institute will be performed by Drubpon Tsering Rinpoche or Drubpon Palkyi. – who may also be joined by other practitioners. 

How do I Request a Puja?
A puja can be ordered through our office by calling 089/710 485 72 or by emailing mail (at) garchen.de.

Is There a Fee for this Service?
We ask for a transfer of € 50 to support the centre. The donation for Drubpon Tsering Rinpoche and Drubpon Palkyi is at your own choice. The transfer can be made here: transfer

“[Pujas] assist with the purification of negative factors, and the generation of positive, favorable conditions. I will always pray that the negative circumstances, hindrances, and obstacles of the ritual benefactors be pacified and their wishes be accomplished spontaneously.”
~ H.E. Garchen Rinpoche ~